Architect Smurf

Architect Smurf

"I'll turn your house into a smurfy home!"

Architect Smurf is the Smurfs' residential architect. He designs all the mushroom houses of the Smurf village. In the cartoon, Architect burned out on designing only mushroom houses and built a skyscraper to replace the village. After a fire burns the skyscraper down, the Smurfs move back into the village.


Name: Architect Smurf

Gender: Male

Race: Smurf

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Residential Architect

Status: Single


Architect is the village Architect, he loves making out plans for smurfy houses. Once he brought out a plan for the new storage room, which ended up Handy and Papa Smurf editing it into a simple look same as the old one. Which made him angry a bit.

When he made a skyscraper with the help of Handy, it ended up on fire and the next day into a house for birds.

Once he tried to make a house for Nanny Smurfette so she would stop bugging how Smurfette's house looks. Which also ended up Baby Smurf turned the model into a simple purple colored house, whichc nanny loved.


He is maybe good at sketching houses from the point he draws them well.


Fast Talker- He talks in a medium speed

Voice [Cartoon]- Unknown

French Name-Schtroumpf Scul'pteur


He is the village's Architect


Handy- May be his close friend

Smurfette-Adopted Sister

Sassette-Adopted Sister

97 Male Smurfs-Brothers

3 Smurflings- Youngest Brothers

Papa Smurf- Father