"Bigmouth wants food!"

Bigmouth is a gigantic, clumsy, dimwitted ogre whose size and clueless disposition causes endless trouble for the tiny little Smurfs.

Bigmouth Smurf

BigMouth as a Smurf.


Name: BigMouth

Gender: Male

Race: Ogre

Alignment: Neutral

Occupation: Not Specified

Status: Dating, then later Married


BigMouth causes endless troubles to the Little Smurfs bystealing Smurfberries and the Smurfs' foods, although he is not really considered their enemy. He frequently breaks into Gargamel's hovel and eats his foods and rocks. He is friends with whoever may be offering him something in exchange. He will help Gargamel, or help the Smurfs, depending on who is offering more in return (usually food). Bigmouth's sweetheart is Big Nose.


Friends- It depends who'll give the most food to him.

Voice [Cartoon]- Lennie Weinrib

French Name- Grossbouf


Gargamel- Friend/Enemy

The Smurfs- Friend/Enemy

BigNose- Future Wife

Bigfeet- Nephew