"I'm gonna cook a smurfy treat!"

Chef Smurf

Chef Smurf is the Smurf village's chef.


Name: Chef/Cook Smurf

Gender: Male

Race: Smurf

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Chef

Status: Single


Chef Smurf knows dozens of recipes and cooks many dishes. He always wears his toque blanche (white chef's hat).

In the cartoon series, Cook Smurf and Greedy Smurf are combined into the same character. In Volume 11, a Smurf is called Greedy Smurf, who looks just like Cook Smurf (wearing a toque blanche, neckerchief and apron). In Volume 23 Greedy smurf is shown wearing the normal Smurf outfit (like he has in all other volumes) and Cook Smurf again wearing the chef outfit, so Volume 12 may have just been a mistake.


Chef Smurf is the Smurfs' residental Chef


Voice [Movie]- Wolfgang Puck

French Name- Schtroumpf Cuisinier


Papa Smurf- Father

97 Male Smurfs- Brothers

3 Smurflings- Younger Brothers

Smurfette- Adopted Sister

Sassette- Younger Adopted Sister

Baby- Adopted Baby Brother