Flame and Tracker

After a while, Flame got impatient and decided to follow Marco outdoors, "What's smurfing him so long? I'll follow him I guess..."

He got back to his feet and started toward the door, but before he could open it, Marco opened it and found Flame standing infront of him.

"Well lad looks like you back on your feet! I'm surprised by that."

Just then, Tracker pushed Marco and said, "Oh so this is the smurf we're helping." Flame looked at Tracker and felt nervous.

"No need to be nervous Flame!" said Marco, "This is Tracker, I thought he might be a help to us. He can track down anything!" Then Flame teased, "Oh half hound I see!" Then he and Marco laughed while Tracker said, "Oh smurf up!"

Marco then pulled handy inside and said, "This is Handy Smurf! He'll be a help to us incase the ship we'll use will get damaged."

Handy Smurf -Cartoon-
Handy stepped infront of Flame and then he said, "Well, pleasure to smurf you! I just hope you don't eat smurfs!"

Flame teased again, "I only eat repair smurfs!" Handy shook his head and felt shocked and said, "Your kidding right?"

Flame laughed and said, "No..."

Handy turned to Marco and said, "Do I really have to come?" Marco said, "Ahahaha! Handy, where's your sense of humor?"

Then finally, Marco pulled another smurf and said, "This is Dreamy, he'll be smurfing the ship we'll use, let's just say the ship we'll use is his..."

Dreamy said, "Wow! A real dragon! I'd love to go on a smurfy adventure with this smurf!"

Flame, again teased, "As long as you don't mind me smurfing fire on your ship!" then he laughed while Dreamy stared at him and told Marco, "Is he serious?" Marco said, "Of course not! He just wants to smurf a laugh after that fall."

Dreamy said, "Let's smurf to my ship then!"

Tracker interupted, "Without permission from Papa Smurf?!"

Marco said, "Relax lads! We'll smurf a letter to him! Let's get smurfing!"


Meanwhile, Back at Flame's Homeland...

"You can never smurf us to be your allies!" Said the smurf with a green coat.

The smurf in a black coat said, "We'll see about that you filthy earth dragon!" He then whistled loudly and three spirit snakes appeared.

"You will never get those snakes to posses us!" said the smurf in an icy blue coat.

"How Nova?! Those are spirit snakes! They'll get into our bodies before you smurf it!" Said the smurf in an aqua blue coat.

The evil dragon smurf snapped his finger and the snakes leaped onto the three dragon smurfs.

"NOOOO!" they all yelled, and the cave fell silent.


"Alright Handy, let's get sailing!" said Dreamy.

Handy pulled the rope and released the sail, and they were on their way.

Flame stared at the horizon. He gave out a big sigh...

Marco was studying a map and studying his compass. "Well Flame, Let's see how much you remember. Tell me any of these landmarks familiar?"

Flame looked at the map and saw the five pointy rocks on the map and he felt his mind ache, "OWW!!!" he yelled as he held his head.

"Flame what's wrong?" Marco asked. Flame then stood up and said, "Those rocks, I recognize them. I think we call them Old Sea Claw" he said.

Dreamy asked, "Well, we go to Old Sea Claw then?"

Flame nodded and again stared at the horizon.

They arrived at the rocks and stopped for a while there.

"What now?" Handy asked.

Flame looked around to see anything familiar to him. Then, suddenly, the boat rumbled and tossed everyone off their feet.

Flame stumbled and stood up, he looked down the boat, and he saw shadows moving under the boat.

Flame gasped and yelled, "Smurfs! Hold on! There are..." before he could finish, again, the ship rumbled, but this time, it shaked more violently.

"HOLD ON!" shouted Marco. Just then, A snake like creature, jumped out the water.

It's color was aqua blue, it had spikes on it's back, It looked a lot like a snake. I snarled and landed in the boat.

Again Flame's head ached and he said, "Water Dragon!" Marco was shocked while Flame turned into a dragon and blew a fire ball at the Water Dragon. It leaped back into the water, making the ship lean.

Dreamy yelled, he had been tossed away. Flame saw Dreamy, he flew to catch him but the Water Dragon leaped and bit his wing, pulling him underwater.

"Dreamy!" Tracker shouted, Dreamy was out of sight.

Handy yelled, "Marco! Flame! He's been smurfed underwater!

Marco shook his head and looked down the water.

"What now?" Handy asked.

"Just wait." Marco said.


Underwater, Flame fought with all his might, trying to get back to shore. He was a fire dragon, and he hated water so much he feels pain when he gets in it.

He had trouble to get away from the Dragon's grip, he then saw a symbol on the Water Dragon's cheek, a symbol that wasn't supposed to be there.

He then gripped the neck of the Water Dragon and choked it.

The Water Dragon struggled and lossen his grip on Flame, Flame still held it's throat.

The Water Dragon roared, a snake spirit flew away, leaving the Water Dragon's body. Flame saw it leave and he let go of the unconscious Water Dragon and carried it back to the ship.

"Flame! Ahahahaha! I thought you were a goner!" Marco said, Flame turned back to a smurf and set down the Water Dragon. It then glowed and transformed into a smurf, wearing an aqua blue coat.

Flame stared at him, his head spinned around. Then memories cam in his mind, he spent time with this Dragon Smurf, he knew who it was now, it was his best friend, Aquaris.


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