"Land!" Tracker yelled, "Dragon Island!" Aquaris added. Flame was happy to see his homeland again. Marco caught the sight of Dreamy, talking to FuturePath.

Dreamy looked behind him and yelled "Smurfness! Marco! Tracker! Handy! Flame!" Future caught the word of Dreamy, the name, Flame. "Quickly! Smurf that ship here!" Future ordered, as two Dragons pulled the boat to shore.

"Flame!" Future said, he was surprised as Flame only gave him a suspicious look. "Fl...Flame?"

Flame staring at FuturePath
He asked again. Flame just looked away from him and followed Marco.

Flame made a last look over his shoulder, he seemed familar, he felt this wasn't the first time he saw a smurf with a hourglass mark on his hat.

Snow shaked a sleeping dragon smurf until it woke and asked, "Mom? What's wrong?" Snow said, "Mild! Your father is here!"

Mild quickly rose to his feet and ran at Flame, "Dad!" he shouted. He hugged Flame.

Flame felt his heart melt and more memories came back, he remembered when Mild was a little boy, he'd run away from Flame and hide. He remembered it was his son, Mild.

"Mild! You little mixed up Dragon!" he hugged Mild back. Snow pushed Flame and gave him a big kiss. Again memories came back to Flame, a memory of the smurfiest day. His wedding with Snow.

He hugged Snow and gave her a big kiss. Then he remembered, he looked again at Future, he gave him a hug as he remembered his good friend.

"Flame! Where's my brother?" Snow asked, Flame thought and asked, "What brother?" Snow was stunned by his words, "Nova! My brother! Mild's uncle! Nova!" All Flame remembered was Volcanic, which was standing beside him right now.

Then he remembered, "Sorry dear, I haven't smurfed a sight of Nova." Snow sat and was about to cry. Flame hugged her and said, "We'll find him."

Aquaris hung his head and remembered  He and Nova's last conversation.

"A...Aqua...Aquaris!" he heared Nova groaned as horrible memories flew past him... He heard himself say... "N...Nova?" Nova yelled painfully as the spirit snake tried to get in him.

Aquaris' head ache and he heard Nova say,

"T...Ta...Take th...this!" He saw a flashback as Nova threw something that landed in Aquaris' pocket while he saw in his mind Dark didn't notice,

"AAAARGH!" Aquaris shouted as his head ached and again he saw Evergreen.

The smurf with a green coat give up the fight with the spirit snake posses him, He saw himself do the same.

"Fl...Flame!" Aquaris yelled and his head once more ached, he saw...

He saw himself give up, before he fainted he saw Nova kept on fighting, which leaded to his death.

Aquaris fainted, the last he saw was Flame and Future running to him.


Aquaris woke up and saw Medley, a Medic Dragon. The Smurf looked at him and said, "Now what smurfed into your mind? You fainted after you shouted Flame's name."

Aquaris said, "Medley, I need to talk to Snow and Flame..." then he added, "ALONE...." Medley was stunned and he shrugged and called Flame and Snow.

"What is it Aquaris?" asked Snow, "Are you feeling alright?" asked Flame. Aquaris took the pebble that Nova threw in his pocket. "Here." Aquaris hung his head "No...Nove handed it to me before he..." He paused and let a tear drop from his eye.

Flame took the icy blue pebble, a lot of memories came back to him as the pebble glowed. "What is this Aquaris?" he looked at his friend. "It's a memory pebble, Nova seemed to know that you'll smurf smurfnesia...." then he added, "He had been talking to Future before he..." again a tear dropped from his eye.

This made Snow worried because everytime he talked about Nova, he ended pausing with a tear dropping, Snow interupted, "Before he what Aquaris?! Tell me! Tell me now!" She yelled angrily. Aquaris started, "he... He.... I can't..." Snow yelled angrily "NOW!!!" Aquaris was startled and the words slipped from his mouth, "Before he died Nova! Dark tried to posses us! He possesed me and Evergreen! But Nova fought the snake ti'll his end!" This made Aquaris burst into tears.

Snow shook her head, "NO! NO!" Snow fell to the ground and cried. Flame was stunned, he too, fell to the ground and held the pebble tightly. He shook his head and burst into tears.

When Medley came in, he had a puzzled look and was anxious to hear what Aquaris said.


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