Medley Medic Dragon
Medley scratched his head and said, "Alright Flame, Snow, Mind if you leave me and my patient?"

Flame nodded and walked with Snow slowly out. Aquaris stopped crying and looked at Medley. "What was that all about?" he asked.

Aquaris said, "Nova..." he continued, "is DEAD" Medlay was stunned, he didn't move for a while. He stared at Aquaris and shook his head.

FuturePath entered the room and said, "It's all my fault! If I warned Flame ten years ago Nova shouldn't have smurfed!" then he dropped to the floor and he sat frozen with guilt.

Medley  said, "It was no one's fault, Nova is a brave Ice Dragon and he wouldn't want spirit snakes to use his power for evil. He did that to protect the island."

FuturePath looked at Medley and said, "I knew this day would smurf! I knew it all along! Before they attacked I told Nova instead of Flame! He knew Flame would catch Smurfnesia cause I told him." He shook his head and added, "I should've told Flame so he wouldn't make the mistake of leaving Midnight and Dark alone to fight the snakes."

Medley kept quiet and looked at Aquaris, he changed the subject and said, "Oh! I forgot, I better smurf you some herbs to make sure you didn't catch smurfnesia, your head did ache unsmurfly." Then he walked away with a mind full of Nova.


Tracker was walking around a part of the island that looked like a forest. "Looks like I found my favorite part of this island!" Tracker said.

"Well, I wouldn't be surprised to see an intruder" said a voice. Tracker looked behind him and saw a smurf in a green coat, red eyes, and a snake mark on his cheek. The smurf turned into a dragon and ran after Tracker.

"HELP!" Tracker yelled. The dragon swiped it's tail and hit Tracker. "OUMPF!" Tracker was stunned. The dragon growled and was going to crush Tracker but a bolt of lightning hit the green dragon.

A gold dragon choked the spirit snake out of the green dragon and said, "Evergreen! Snap out of it!" The green dragon fainted and turned back into a smurf. Tracker looked at the gold dragon and asked, "Evergreen?" The gold dragon said, "Yup, that's his name, he's an EarthDragon." he looked at Evergreen while he groaned. "I better take him to Medley," said the Gold Dragon, "No need for that Razor, I needed that choke..." Evergreen said as he sat up.

Evergreen on the floor
Evergreen smiled and said, "Dark possesed Aquaris too, but I don't know what happened to Nova." He then stood up and asked, "So, who is this smurf with a feather on his hat?"

Tracker said, "My name is Tracker." Evergreen smiled and said, "This is Razor, he's a ThunderDragon."

Meanwhile, Aquaris heard the fight and ran to Evergreen, "Evergreen! Buddy! I'm so smurfed to see you!" He said as he hugged Evergreen, "Aquaris! But where's Nova?"

Aquaris hung his head and Medley interupted and changed the subject, "Now, now, remember you just have been choked, come with me, I'll smurf you some tea." He said as he also noticed Evergreen's voice was a little buffy.

"Talk to you later Aquaris." Evergreen said as he walked off to follow Medley.


Evergreen asked Medley, "So where is Nova?" he said as he sipped some tea. Medley looked at Evergreen and then looked at FuturePath. Future answered, "The snow has melted..." then Future hung his head.

Evergreen was shocked, he knew what this meant. "Dead?! Why is he dead?!" Medley said, "He fought the spirit snake ti'll his end." Evergreen almost dropped the cup and let a few tears drop from his eye.

"Still we'll defeat Dark and avenge his death!" Evergreen said angrily as FuturePath nodded in agreement.


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