Conversation; **** to HourPastEdit

"Owww... Where am I?"

"Don't worry your safe, you were a brave smurf to have fought that snake,"

"HourPast? Is that you? Well I haven't smurfed your face since dark attacked."

"Your friends are searching for you."

"What?! I need to let them know I'm safe!"

"Not so fast, I have a better idea..."


"But for now we should stay here until the Battle"

End of Conversation; **** to HourPastEdit


"Alright Flame, now we are all here, except for Nova, how do we attack the snakes?" Said Razor, "Brother!" yelled another Dragon Smurf that wore a red coat like Flame's.

Flame turned around and asked, "What is it Volcanic?" Volcanic panted and said, "They...They... They're Attacking!" Aquaris and Razor looked at each other. They all raced outside and found a serious battle.

Gleam, a LightDragon, pushed the door into Medley's house and ran in. Medley felt a strange feeling when he saw her then he shook his said as she said, "Medley! Ten dragons are injured! You must smurf there now!"

Medley was alarmed and turned into a dragon and flew to the ten DragonSmurfs.

Flame was fighting along with his brother when a sudden punch send him flying into a tree.

"OUMPF!" Flame said, he looked up and saw Dark, "Well, looks like I got fire to turn off" Dark said with a grin. Flame kicked his leg and punched his stomach.

"Ow!" Dark said as he saw Flame fly away. "Oh, I see you want to fly-fight." Then he turned into a dragon and flew after Flame.

"Flame!" Volcanic yelled, he was about to help when someone shot a fireball at him. He was stunned, his vision became clear and he saw Herzel, a MedicDragon that was Medley's brother. He had been possesed and now he had to choke him even thought he didn't want to.

Evil Herzel
Herzel stunned him before he could grab Herzel's neck. Herzel was going to finish him off when Medley shouted, "Herzel you silly smurf!" then Medley grabbed his brother's neck and the spirit snake flew away.

Herzel shook his head and asked, "Wha...What?" Medley said, "Oh help me cure these things!" Then they both flew away while Volcanic looked around and finally saw Flame with Dark.

Dark scratched Flame's wings but Flame scratched back, the two roared as they fought.

Flame knew his target, he had to choke Dark. Dark held Flame and they crashed on the ground.

Dark suddenly yelled "NOW!" The next thing Flame knew, he was unconcious.

Flame Unconcious and Evil
Volcanic peered over a rock and saw what happened, he shook his head slowly and whispered to himself, "No,no..."


Dark gave a roar of retreat, they left and the DragonSmurfs were puzzled as they saw Volcanic run with tears in his eyes.

"Volcanic what happened?" asked Snow, "Yeah what happened Uncle?" asked Mild. Volcanic said, "Flame..." then he added, "Is Possesed!" then he started crying while Snow and Mild also burst into tears.

'Handy came running, he was panting and he was dirty. "What's wrong?" asked Evergreen, "I smurfed a message," then he handed over  a note that said, "Lavarious Cliff" 'Volcanic said, "Dark wants us to fight at Lavarious Cliff

Herzel looked at Medley, Medley said, "I'll smurf all the MedicDragons then!" then he walked to another MedicDragon named, Maygle, he was standing and talking to another MedicDragon, "Maygle! get the others ready! We got a battle asmurf of us!"

Maygle nodded and let out a loud roar while Evergreen, Aquaris, and Razor gathered the others. Volcanic went to Nova's bestfriend, Polar. He told him to gather all the IceDragons and soon they were on their way.


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