"Early to bed, Early to smurf your crops!"

Farmer Smurf is the farmer of the village. He plants the crops for the Smurfs and helps organize the harvest


Name: Farmer Smurf

Gender: Male

Race: Smurf

Alignment: Good


Status: Single                                                                                                  


  Farmer Smurf wears dark green overalls, wooden clogs, and a straw hat, with its crown styled like the white Phrygian-style caps of the other Smurfs, but with a full wide brim. In the original comic version, he speaks in a stereotypical farmer accent. In the cartoon series, Farmer has a Down East accent like the traditional real-life residents of parts of the U.S. state of Maine. he is also a Master of a genie named Gourd.


Farmer is the Village farmer, he plants crops for the Smurfs to eat and also helps organize the Harvest.


Farmer is skilled at farming


Voice [Cartoon]- Alan Young

Voice [Movie]- Joel McCrary

French Name- Schtroumpf Paysan


97 Male Smurfs- Brothers

3 Smurflings- Younger Brothers

Sassette Smurfling- Adopted Younger Sister

Smurfette- Adopted Sister

Baby- Adopted Baby Brother

Poet Smurf- Close Friend

Papa Smurf- Father