"I still hear the Battle Cries of those spirit snakes, even thought we had defeated them."

-Flame to Nova-

Flame is a Fanfiction main character in the Fanfiction, "Dragon Smurfs" created by SmurfedMyMind


Name: Flame FireDragon

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon Smurf

Occupation: Guard




Status: Married


Maybe killing the spirit snake queen wasn't a good idea after all.

Flame is a DragonSmurf who is brave and courageous. Once his bravery led into something he didn't want. After he married Snow, Nova's sister, he had been hunted down by a possesed Drake Dragon named Dark.

He hid and ran until one day Dark and his possesed Drake Dragon minions attacked the rest of Dragon Island. Flame fled and crashed infront of Marco at Smurf Village.

The two became best friends as Marco helped Flame get his memory back and got him back home after catching Amnesia.

While battling the spirit snakes, Flame gets possesed and attacks his own brother, Volcanic. Volcanic manages to unposses Flame by choking him but before Flame transforms to normal, he manages to scratch his brother on his chest, leaving a deep wound.

When Flame saw his brother with a serious injury on his chest, he tried to pull his brother before he fell of the cliff.

This left a scar on Flame's heart when he thought he killed his own brother.

Abilities: Smurf and Dragon FormEdit

Turning into a dragon

Able to hold fire

Can shoot fire balls in smurf-form


Hot Water- Instead of being burned by fire, he finds himself being burned instead by water and ice.

Strange Marriage- He married an IceDragon instead one of his own Race


Snow- Wife

Volcanic- Brother

Fire Dragon Queen- Mother

Nova- Best Friend

Mild- Son

Marco- Best Friend