Smurfette With Forget Me Flower

The Forget Me Flower is an early-blooming flower that Smurfette found in the cartoon show episode "Forget Me Smurfs" when she,Brainy, and Sickly were sent to the top of Mount Smurf to check the snow level from the mountain. The flower causes whoever sniffs it to fall into a state of complete obliviousness, with no memory of who anyone is or what anything is. It usually if not always puts its victim in a blissful and mellow euphoric state, similar to that of ingesting or inhaling the fumes of a cannabis plant, with the victim's pupils going white as a result of entering that state.

In the story, Smurfette and Brainy fell victim to the flowers and brought them to the village where all the other Smurfs sniffed them and fell into the same state. Sickly, who was allergic to flowers, refused to smell them and tried to warn Papa Smurf about them, but he sniffed the flowers Smurfette gave him and also fell victim to it. Unable to do anything for his fellow Smurfs to keep their minds on the danger of the whole village being flooded by the dam breaking, Sickly went off into the forest to warn Mother Nature about the flowers that are making the Smurfs forget. Mother Nature remedied the situation by causing the weather to become cold and wintry, breaking the spell that the flowers put the Smurfs under as they died, and also freezing the river so that the village was saved.