FuturePath Time Dragon
"Betrayal, War, Envy, Jelousy, Forgotten, The Dragon Age Will Come To An End"

-FuturePath to Dreamy-

FuturePath is a FanFiction character from the Fanfiction "Dragon Smurfs" created by SmurfedMyMind.

He is like a predictor and can travel from time to time.


Name: FuturePath TimeDragon

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon Smurf

Occupation: Predictor

              Time Traveler


Status: Dating


FuturePath is a TimeDragon that can time travel if he wants to. His biggest mistake must be not warning Flame about the danger ahead.

He wears a gold coat and a hat with a hourglass mark on it. His only missing emotion was anger. He would rather remain calm. He fell in love later with a ThunderDragon named Shockelyn.

He is a wise dragon and he talks in a wise way except in times he couldn't keep himself from being happy and excited. Especially near Shockelyn.

Abilities: Smurf and Dragon FormEdit

Time Travel

Speeding A Target's Actions

Slowing A Target's Actions

Freezing Time



Emotions- He has Happiness, Love, and other except Anger and Sadness


Shockelyn- Future Wife

Flame- Close Friend

Nova- Former Rival

TimeDragon Queen- Mother

Dark- Best Friend