Gargamel's Castle

Gargamel's Castle in the Cartoon Show

Gargamel's Castle Movie

Garagamel's castle in the Smurf Movie

Gargamel's castle (also called Gargamel's hovel orGargamel's house) is the center location of Gargamel's activities. It is a rundown house made of stone and thatching where the evil wizard, his cat, and his apprentice Scruple reside, and where Gargamel develops his plans and formulas that he uses against the Smurfs. It is generally located on the outer edge of the Smurf Forest next to a murky muck pond which was used at one time in "The Incredible Shrinking Wizard" as the dumping grounds for Gargamel's failed formulas. In the comic books, the muck pond doesn't appear. In the 2011 Smurfs movie and The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol, Gargamel's castle appears near the edge of a cliff.

The castle contains a laboratory, a kitchen, a bedchamber, a library, and a basement in which the Great[1]Book Of Spells is located.