Marco And Handy
Back at the village, the smurfs were celebrating Marco's return,

Marco was telling a story to his friends, ".....and I never saw that genie, again." He ended, Papa Smurf said, "At last! Everysmurf is happy!" Smurfette said, "All except Greedy," Papa Smurf looked at Greedy, "What's wrong Greedy?"

Greedy looked at Papa Smurf with eyes mixed with anger and disappointment and he said, "Well there won't be Acorn Soup tonight, There's no Acorn Soup without pepper..." 

Then Papa Smurf said, "Now Greedy, you know how long Marco has been away from home, he deserves rest."

Then Marco said, "Your right Papa Smurf! I sailed the seas to get spices!" Papa said, "Now Marco...." Before he could finish, Marco said, "Papa Smurf, may I have your permission to go back and smurf the pepper?" Then Handy said, "Right Marco! We'll smurf a raft and smurf to where the Smurf II sank! And maybe we could also repair the boat!" Then Dreamy said, "And this time you'll come too Papa Smurf!"

Papa Smurf said, "Well, yes I will Dreamy!" Dreamy said happily, "Great! We'll smurf tommorow morning!"

Meanwhile, Handy was sitting gloomily and staring at the moon.

"Handy, are you okay?" Smurfette asked, 

"Yeah, I just hope I see Marina tommorow again." Handy told Smurfette. Smurfette then said softly, "You know, they say when you wish to the moon with all your smurf, our wish will come true." Handy looked at Smurfette and said, "You really think so?"

Smurfette nodded and left Handy alone. Handy looked at the moon and said, "Star bright, Star light...."


Tommorow, They set out to sea.

"This looks like the place Papa Smurf." Dreamy said and Marco said, "I am sure of it!" 

Papa Smurf said, "Good navigating Captain Dreamy" Then Handy and Marco dived down the sea and found the Smurf II.

While Marco was tying a rope on the pepper pot, Handy was measuring the hole on the Smurf II and was startled by a creature in the hole.

He rised to the surface and said, "I have just the cork for the hole! And, my wish came true" he smiled after he finished.

Meanwhile, The Pepper Pirates was sailing nearby and spotted them.

"They're back captain!" one said.

"Let's shoot em'!" another said.

The captain replied, "Wait for them to haul the Pepper up first."

Underwater, Marco finished tying the rope and the others pulled it up, Then a lobster showed up and trapped Marco on a corner. 

Marina rised up the water and said, "Marco Smurf has been trapped by a lobster!"

Papa Smurf then said, "Quick! Smurf some pepper into the extra hose," Handy said "Alright, Smurf it here!" He dived down and found Marco trapped, Handy faced the hose on the lobster and gave it a tug, Brainy pumped some air and the pepper shoot onto the lobster, leaving it sneezing and leaving Marco.

The pirates saw the Pepper Pot and said "Now!" Brainy looked behind and screamed, "They're back! They're back!" Papa Smurf turned to Marina and asked, "Can you call your dolphin friend?" Marina shook her head, "There's no time Papa Smurf." she said.

Just then, Handy gave a grin and the Smurf II floated up the surface and bumped the pirate's ship, tossing it away. The smurfs all shouted "Hooray!"


Meanwhile, all the smurfs were in the boat while Handy was on the raft tied behind the ship, 

"I have to go handy," Marina said.

"Will I ever smurf you again?" Handy asked.

"We will my dear Handy." She said as she dived down, before she continued she again said, "we will..." Handy then gave out a sigh, and stared down the water sadly.

Papa Smurf said, "Greedy will be happy with all this pepper." Smurfette interupted, "But yesterday Handy was happy, and Greedy was sad, now today Greedy will be happy, Handy is sad. Why can't we be all happy Papa Smurf?" 

Papa Smurf said, "I don't know Smurfette, what do you think Marco?" 

Marco looked at Papa and said, "well, all I can say Papa Smurf, is that Handy, left alone by Marina is like Acorn Stew without pepper." Then he suddenly said, "I promise not to smurf the seas this long again! Ahahahahaha! Hahaha!" then he smiled happily.

The EndEdit

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