"Will you hold still for a moment?!"

Mashenly Warrior Smurf

-Mashenly to Axsaber-

Mashenly is a Fanfiction character from the Fanfiction "Warrior Smurfs" created by SmurfedMyMind.


Name: Mashenly WarriorSmurf

Gender: Male

Race: Warrior Smurf

Main Weapon: Dagger

Inner Color: White

Occupation: Medic





Status: Single


Mashenly is a Medic Warrior that wears a belt and a stash with four red plus' lining the stash. He also wears white cuffs.

He makes cures for different illness like a blue dagger for colds and green for coughs. While his white dagger is his  fighting and main weapon.


Summon a bow and arrow made of white light

Summon a dagger made of white light

Summon a sword made of white light

Summon medicine Daggers made of different color lights



Gentleness- He sometimes shouts at his patients when they don't listen to him

Aim- He is an expert of all the Dagger Warriors


Axis- Best Friend