"Hurry! Before they smurf us! Get up Ranier!" Ranger whispered a little loudly to Ranier and Posses. "I'm trying! I'm stuck!" Ranier said as he tried to get his foot out of the dried mud. "Help us Possess!" Ranger said to Possess.

Possess took Ranier's hand and teleported him out of the mud. "There we go" Possess said as he smiled. Ranier said, "Thanks, now let's smurf out of here!" They were about to run when Eniap teleported himself in front of them and said, "Oh no you don't" Then he grinned and snapped his finger and Ranger and Ranier's shadow, Regnar and Reinar teleported and held their arms.

Eniap answered, "Your smurfing with us!". "NO!" Possess shouted and he threw a rock at a nearby street lamp. The lamp shone at the shadows. Eniap shouted, "Quickly! Get in!" Then they teleported indoors while Ranier, Ranger, and Possess, ran back to their home.

"Smurf us in! Smurf us in!" Ranger shouted while he banged at the door. Varcher approached the door and said, "State your names..." Ranier shouted, "It's us you silly smurf!" Varcher refused but Maitland said, "Oh Varcher, it's Ranier, Ranger and Possess!"

Varcher opened the door and Ranger, and Ranier fell down in doors while Possess walked in. Varden ran down stairs to meet them and said, "Did you smurf into our three more brothers Rance, Gallard, and Marcellus? They left earlier before those shadows got away."

"No we haven't." Ranier said. Ranger added, "Let's hope they don't run into those shadows.". Possess then said, "And we heard what those shadows are planning to do!". Paine went downstairs and said, "What then?! So I can smurf the time I got for making the potion."

Ranier answered, "We have until tommorow night, they plan to use the black out and spread all over the dimension, then they'll use tommorow's eclipse to spread the permanent shadow that will never burn..." Ranger added, "The world will be cold and dark! It'll be hard to see!" Paine answered, That's what they want, in exchange of warmth I think they want everysmurf to work for shadows."

Their brother Verell interupted, "What if they use Rance, Gallard, and Marcellus so they'd give them to us in exchange for your solution Paine?". Paine looked at Verell and said, "We need to smurf them before they do! It'll be hard if they get their smurfs on our three brothers."


"Rance, let's hurry so we could smurf back home." Gallard said to Rance and Marcellus. Rance answered, "We'll..." just then, Marcellus interupted, "What was that?" Rance and Gallard looked around.

Gallard saw a black figure and said, "Over there!" Rance looked to the ground and shouted, "Our shadows! Their gone!" Then another voice answered, "Well, not technically gone my dear Rance." Rance and his brothers looked behind them and saw their shadows.

Marcellus asked, "B..But how?" Then Marcellus' shadow answered, "I don't know, ask your brother Paine." Rance and his brothers looked at each other while Rance's shadow whose name was Ecnar, ordered, "Bring them! We can surely have use for them." Then he grinned and Marcellus and Gallard's shadows named, Sullecram and Drallag hit the three of them hard and they passed out.

In the home of the shadows, Eniap said, "We'll give them back, if they give us the "Shadow Solution" that is" Then he touched the shadow of a crow statue and it became alive. Eniap said to the shadow crow, "Send this message, and don't leave their house without their reply."

The shadow crow took the letter and flew away toward the Vereau Smurf's house. Their brother, Aviary was sitting near the window and the shadow crow flew to the window and called Aviary's name. Aviary took the message and gave it to Paine.

"We were too smurfing late. They got Rance, Gallard, and Marcellus before we did." Paine took the letter and said, "We can't just give the solution, yet our brothers are way more important." Then he walked in circles while thinking.

Valeray said, "What's our plan? Would we give the solution?" Paine stopped and said, "What could they do if we didn't give the solution. The shadow crow that was standing on Aviary's shoulder answered, "We could execute them..."

Paine answered, "Or they could do that but... We need to think of something." Their brother Tailer whispered, "Don't plan in front of that crow, it would surely tell us to Eniap..." Paine nodded and said, "Tell Eniap to meet us in our backyard early in the morning tommorow, and no complaints! It is decided!"

The crow nodded and flew away. Verell complained, "Give them the soltuion?! What are you thinking smurf?!" Varocher panicked, "We're gonna die! We're gonna die!". Paine shouted, "No we won't! I got a plan. I'm going to give them the solution, but I'm sure they'll smurf our brothers even when we give the solution. And in case they did that, I made a really shiny potion that we can use against them."

Vardain inerupted, "And the eclipse?". Paine answered, "We need to smurf them before the eclipse! Now we're gonna do this it's either you smurf it or not!" Then he went to his room and started on the "Shadow Solution" and the shining potions.


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