Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is the leader of Smurf Village, He is the oldest of all the smurfs, besides to Grandpa and Nanny. Normally he's 542 years old, but now is changed to 548 years old. Though he is old, he is still full of energy. He was voiced by Don Messik in the cartoon series, And Jonathan Winters was his voice for the 2011 film.


Name: Papa Smurf

Gender: Male

Race: Smurf

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Leader




Status: Origanally Single


Papa Smurf is a Gentle, Wise, and Knowledgeable village elder. As the leader of the Smurfs, he is a central father-like figure where the smurfs go to when seeking counsel. Due to his fatherly nature, Papa is always concerned about the Smurfs' welfare and harmony. He is very altruistic and is available to help anybody- May it be either Smurf or Human.  His great diplomatic skills come in handy when encountering humans or other creatures in the forest.

In the original comic books by Peyo,Papa Smurf has a much more forceful personality. He is often portrayed as a cantankerous and irritable leader. In these comics, Papa has little patience and becomes easily angry with the Smurfs for being disobedient or making mistakes.

Papa Smurf's duty is to ensure that all the Smurfs of the village get along and respect each other. When real chaos arises, Papa Smurf usually resorts to drastic measures, often through the use of magic. For example, Papa switched bodies with Gargamel in order to pretend to attack the village in the comic book Smurf versus Smurf and in the cartoon series Romeo and Smurfette. In another instance, he creates an entire village full of evil doubles of the original Smurfs, The Smurf Menace issue.

When Papa Smurf sometimes prefer not to have constantly fix problems, he realizes it was his calling. Then he once said to his Smurfs that he may not be the leader forever, so every Smurf should have the brief experience of commanding the village. To do so, he hands over his signature red hat, that allows each Smurf a chance to direct others on a construction project. The smurfs were then reffered to as, Papa Greedy, Papa Clumsy, or Mama Smurfette. It depends on whose turn it is to be the village leader. Papa did see the importance of each Smurf gaining leadership skills, his true purpose was to guide the Smurfs and help fix their problems and mistakes.

When he is not actively acting as the leader or helping the other Smurfs, he indulges his favorite hobby, which is magical chemistry or alchemy. Papa often makes elixirs to help his Smurfs that get into trouble. The french comic portrays Papa Smurf constantly preparing magical drinks from White Hellebore. The drawings that show the effects of these alchemical brews are shown as both turbulent and amusing. Aside from his house, he also has a laboratory containing several chemical devices. Papa often tries to create potions to help his Smurfs but often fails; such as the time he accidentally created a substance that turns any living thing into a huge monster, which is seen in The Smurfs and the Cracoucass and the cartoon episode The Smurfs and The Howlibird. Impassioned by this, he occaisionally leaves the village leaving another Smurf temporarily in charge to get the needed ingredients.

He is also known as Culliford Smurf, which was named after Pierre Culliford [Peyo]. 


Genius-level intellect 

Comand of magic Alchemy


Voice [Cartoon]-Don Messik

Voice [Movie]-Jonathan Winters

French Name-In the original French version, Papa Smurf’s name is "Le Grand Schtroumpf” which means "the Great         Smurf" or "the Big Smurf." “Le Grand Schtroumpf” can also be interpreted as "Le Grand Père", French for grandfather, which could be the reason for his elderly appearance and paternal nature.


Papa Smurf is the village leader and is most-likely treated as the Father of all the Smurfs.


Flowerbell-Former Love Interest

97 Male Smurfs-Sons

3 Smurflings-Sons

Sassette-Adopted Daughter

Smurfette-Adopted Daughter