"Yawn.. wait for me guys!"                   
Slouchy Smurfling

Originally a full grown Smurf known as Slouchy Smurf, he had his age reversed and went Slouchy Smurfling.


Name: Slouchy Smurfling

Gender: Male

Race: Smurf

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Unknown

Status: Single


Slouchy Smurf had his age reversed in an accident and became Slouchy Smurfling. Slouchy is not a very enthusiastic Smurf, and he often takes a relaxed pose with eyes half-closed. Slouchy has a red tee-shirt and loose-fitting white cap.

Slouchy does gets irritated with the others if the other Smurflings do nothing but fight and has shown to dislike how he is shorter than the others just because he slouches a lot. Slouchy is also seen being the one with the "tired look" and is always leaning aginst something with his hands stuffed in his pockets.


Slouchy is always stays relaxed and cool,  while everyone else is being loud. Whenever someone is yelling.. for example, When Snappy and Nat were fighting with Brainy, he's just staying quiet.


Voice [Cartoon]- Noelle North

French Name- Schtroumpf Molasson


97 Male Smurfs- Older Brothers

2 Smurflings- Younger Brothers

Sassette- Younger Adopted Sister

Smurfette- Older Adopted Sister

Baby- Adopted Baby Brother

Papa Smurf- Father