The sun had just rose on an early morning and Papa Smurf just woke up, "Alright my little smurfs, gather around!" Papa Smurf shouted as he stopped in front of his door.

All the smurfs gathered around and Papa Smurf said, "Today we have work on the bridge, so why not all of you get started." He yawned and added, "And I'll be along in a few minutes."

Later at the bridge, The Smurfs were getting started while Lazy yawned and said, "I think I'll nap for a while, the day is just to cozy and warm to work." He was about to walk away when Papa Smurf was infront of him and said, "Lazy Smurf! Where are you going?"

Lazy was startled and said, "Oh I.. I'll..." Then Papa Smurf said, "Get back to work now like everyone else." Lazy answered, "Oh, yes Papa Smurf" Then he walked away while Papa Smurf held his head and said, "Oh these smurfs, they wear me out."

Hefty was mining when Papa Smurf asked, "Hello Hefty, how's it going?" Hefty turned and said, "Oh it's going fine Papa Smurf..." Then he looked at the rocks and added, "Can you toss me a shovel?" Then Papa Smurf turned around and picked up a shovel and said, "Here you go Hefty." 

But when he let go of the shovel it was sticky and shot back at him. "Ugh! Who'se shovel is this?!" Papa Smurf said while he tried to get the sticky shovel off of him." Greedy was walking toward him while eating a cupcake and donut and he said, "Oh that's mine Papa Smurf." Then he grabbed the shovel off of Papa Smurf's hands while some glue was still stuck on his hands.

Smurfette was painting the bridge and she shouted, "Yoohoo! Papa Smurf! Do you love it? I picked the color all by my self." Papa Smurf turned around and was shocked and he said, "With your eyes open or close?!". Brainy was choping some logs and said, "Very humorous Papa Smurf! As I always say, Papa Smurf is a very humorous smurf!" Then he accidently choped the rope that was holding the bridge together and the bridge fell down.

Papa Smurf covered his eyes and said, "Oh! My nerves can't take much more of this!" Then he tripped over Lazy's foot and Papa Smurf said, "Lazy Smurf! Go to the forest and cut some logs! Lots of logs! And move it!" Lazy let go of his shovel which landed on Papa Smurfs head and took the shovel off Papa Smurf and ran into the forest.

Papa Smurf got up and said, "Why can't these smurfs act smurfly? They're driving me star-headed-smurfy!"


At the forest, Lazy said, "Ahh, my first log!" Then he started to chop the tree until a purple fly started to fly round and round on him.

"Shoo fly! Go away! Scram!" Lazy shouted as he waved the axe on the fly to drive it away. The fly laughed and let Lazy chase him. "Beat it! Scram! Bug off!" Lazy shouted while he chased the fly until he tripped over a tree's root.

Lazy got up and didn't know that the fly was behind him. The fly saw Lazy's tail and bit it. "Oww! Youch! It bit me!" Then Lazy felt dizzy and said, "Wha... What's happening... I... I feel... GNAP! GNAP! GNAP!" Lazy said as he turned purple then he hopped off.

At the village Papa Smurf said, "That Lazy smurf sure is taking his sweet time at coming back." Then Brainy stopped behind Papa Smurf and said, "He's probably loafing on the job Papa Smurf, in fact..." Papa Smurf interuppted, "Never mind Brainy Smurf! Just go find him!" Brainy answered, "Yes Papa Smurf!"

Brainy was in the forest and he called out, "Lazy! Where are you?". Then he walked over some grass and he heard from behind it, "GNAP! GNAP! GNAP!" Brainy peeked in the grass and saw Lazy as a purple smurf, "AAAAAAAAAAGH! Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf!" he shouted as he ran back to the village.


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