When Brainy arrived he said, "Lazy's over there Papa Smurf! Except he's all purple and all he says is, 'Gnap'. " Vanity looked at his mirror and said, "That's fine, Lazy always talks about a nap." Brainy turned to him and said, "Like this?" He made a scary face and said, "GNAP!" Vanity was startled and said, "Yikes!" and he backed away.

Papa Smurf said, "This is horrible! Lazy must've been bitten by a purple fly!" The Smurfs looked at Papa Smurf and they all asked, "A Purple Fly?!"

Smurfette looked around and pointed, "Look Papa Smurf there he is now!" Hefty looked behind him and shouted, "Look! He's heading for the village! This way!" Brainy added, "Stop that smurf!"

Two smurfs were waiting behind a house and jumped on the purple smurf. Hefty joined in and they tied down the purple smurf. "We got him!" Hefty shouted as they sat on top of Lazy while Lazy tried to struggle.

Papa Smurf said, "Poor Lazy, take him to his house!". Hefty and another smurf carried Lazy to his house while Papa Smurf said, "The last case of this was only when I was a young smurfling, barely a hundred years old." then he added, "And I can't remember what the cure was!" Then Papa Smurf scratched his head.

At Lazy's house, he struggled free and broke the ropes. He chuckled and peeked out the door. Then he chuckled again when he saw Hefty's tail.

"I must smurf the cure for..." Papa Smurf said and paused to turn his head when he heard, "GNAP! OUCH!".Hefty rubbed his tail and said, "He bit me! A purple smurf bit me!" Then he felt dizzy and said, "Wha... What's happening?" 

Then he turned into a purple smurf and said, "Gnap! Gnap!" Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and the Smurf ran indoors as the two purple smurfs hopped off into the forest.

"Great smurfs it's catchy! everyone out! I must discover a cure before it's too late!" Papa Smurf shouted. And all night Papa Smurf worked to find a cure for the purple smurfs.

The next morning, Papa Smurf shouted, "Wake up smurfs! I think I found a cure! But to test it, we must catch a purple smurf. It may be dangerous! Those purples are contageous! Are there any volunteers?" He asked while a lot of smurfs raised there hands and said, "Me! Me!"


At the forest, Handy said, "Alright! Let's split up and search every bush!" Then all the smurfs split up to search every part of the forest.

Clumsy was searching when he saw a purpled smurf hopping. He chased it and threw the rope on it but instead, he ended up tying himself up. "Uh... Help! Help! Ouch!" Brainy heard Clumsy said then he ran toward him.

When Clumsy saw him he said, "B... Brainy! That Purple Smurf..." Before he could continue he turned into a purple smurf and said, "GNAP!"

Brainy grinned and shouted, "Look smurfs! I have caught a purple smurf!" Then he put one foot on Purple Clumsy's back. Smurfette said, "Oh Brainy, I never knew you were so brave." Brainy answered, "Oh it was nothing Smurfette, it was..." Before he could finish, Purple Clumsy said, "GNAP!"

Brainy was startled and jumped into Smurfette's arms. Brainy looked at Smurfette and said, "Hehe, it was nothing..."

Back at the village, Papa Smurf sprayed the potion in Clumsy's mouth. "GNAP!" Purple Clumsy shouted and he bounced around the room and passed out. "Oh dear, take him to his house Handy." Papa Smurf said. So Handy carried Clumsy to his house.

While beind carried, Clumsy wakes up and bites Handy. "YOUCH!" Handy said as he let go of Clumsy. "He... He bit me!" He said while he turned purple. Greedy shouted, "Papa Smurf!" But Handy caught up with him and bites him.

"We must find a cure! And fast!" Papa Smurf said as he worked again all night to find a cure.


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