The next day.

Papa Smurfs gathers all the smurfs and said, "I think I found another cure! Now, you see, I need more vol..." before he could finish, all the smurfs started murmuring, "no". Papa Smurf became cross and said, "Oh really?! Then I want you, you and you! To capture a purple smurf!"

The three smurfs returned to the village being dirty and filled with some bruises. Papa Smurf said, "Keep your smurfs crossed for me my little smurfs." Then he poured the cure on the purple smurf's head but nothing happened except the purple smurf breaking the ropes.

Papa Smurf ran outside while the other smurfs wasn't fast enough to run. When the door opened, lot of purple smurfs emerged outdoors.

The next day, Papa Smurf says, "Our only hope now is to capture the purple fly and maybe we could smurf out the cure."

They were searching the forest and Papa Smurf was walking quietly when he saw the purple fly. "There it is!" he said. Then he jumped and caught the fly in the net.

The fly was strong enough and carried the net along with Papa Smurf into the sky. "Great smurfs! Help me my little smurfs!"

The smurfs turned around and saw Papa Smurf being carried away by the purple fly. They all ran after him and they jumped and held each other's foot and finally the purple fly bumped into a tree and they all crashed.

Back at Papa Smurf's labratory, they were studying the fly and Papa Smurf yawned and said, "We better get some rest my little smurfs, but first I have to feed the purple fly." Then Papa Smurf took a tuberose flower and watched the fly sniff it.

Then the fly sneezed and turned blue. "That's it! The cure is tuberose pollen! Quick! Gather as much you can smurf!"

Just then, purple Hefty sneaked behind and took some blue paint and painted himself blue. He then looked in the window and heard Papa Smurf say, "If you run out of pollen, refill some on this jar." Then Smurfette shouted, "Papa Smurf! Here they come!"

Papa Smurf says, "Quick my little smurfs!" Then they all ran outside and saw a dozens on purple smurfs hopping toward the village.

Papa Smurf shouts, "Fire!" Then all the smurfs blows all the purple smurfs with pollen. One of them inhales it and sneezes and says, "Wha..." but before he could continue, he gets bitten by a purple smurf and turns back to purple.

Purple Hefty secretly bit the remaining smurfs when another purple smurf, thinking he was still not a purple smurf, bites him and he shouts, "OWW! GNAP! GNAP!"

Papa Smurf shouts, "hold on my little smurfs! Smurfs?" He turned around only to see that he was the only smurf left. "Oh dear! I'm the only smurf left! And I'm out of pollen!"

Papa Smurf runs indoors to get the jar of pollen when Disguised Hefty jumped over Papa Smurf and bumps on the shelf and he tips the candle over causing a fire. "My books!" Papa Smurf shouts and runs over his books.

Purple Hefty saw his chance and bites Papa Smurf. "Youch!" Papa Smurf shouts "That's it, it's the end of the smurfs!" Then he turns into a purple smurf while the jar of pollen tips over and causes a big explosion.

All the purple smurfs inhaled the pollen in the air and a lot sneezed, "Asmurf! Asmurf!". Papa Smurf inhales the pollen and sneezes. Papa Smurf then runs outside and says, "Oh my little smurfs! I am so glad to see you! I promise not to be mean again! I love you all!"

Then all of them answers, "We love you too Papa Smurf" Then they heard, "Gnap Gnap!" They all held nets and they sneaked behind a house then Jokey jumped out which startled them saying, "Haha! I fooled you!"

They all got mad and threw Jokey out of the village while Jokey said, "Hmpf! Papa Smurf did promise not to be mean again."

The EndEdit

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