Time Capsule

time capsule that appeared in the cartoon show episode "The Smurfs Time Capsule" was an object planted in the ground by the wizard Paladore around 500 years before the present time of the cartoon show for Papa Smurf and his littleSmurfs to find, which contained various objects that would be useful in stopping the druids from escaping their imprisonment.

Opening the time capsule required pressing a button hidden within the runic name of Papa Smurf inscribed on the capsule. The objects contained in the egg-shaped capsule include a stone ax, an ancient mirror, and a tablet with a message on it that was purposely written in baby talk that required Baby Smurf to interpret. Only the stone ax was the item that could be used to prevent the druids from escaping when the moon's light struck the druid's Moonrock Amulet.

During the events of the story, some Smurfs decided to create their own time capsule so that future generations of Smurfs could see what their predecessors were like. However, when the druid leade rcame into the village blasting things with his magic staff after some Smurfs had stolen the Moonrock Amulet, this time capsule was destroyed in the attack.