Tracker Smurf
Tracker Smurf is a Smurf who is exclusive to the cartoon. He wears a small red feather in his cap and sometimes carries a walking stick. He is an excellent outdoorsman and tracker. He also possesses an excellent sense of smell capable of locating truffles growing underground.


Name: Tracker Smurf

Gender: Male

Race: Smurf

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Scout


Status: Single


Tracker has a good sense of smell and can locate anything underground like truffles.

In the cartoon show A Mere Truffle, Tracker takes the other Smurfs on a truffle hunt when they don't agree on sharing the only truffle Tracker found. Which on the truffle hunt, Tracker loses his memory by being hit by a rock the smurfs threw while digging.

He is also an excellent bird-mimicer. 

Which he mimiced a sound of a bird to wake Greedy up at a cartoon episode that Greedy had to take a diet. He is also like Nat Smurfling that he also loves nature.

His sense of smell can also locate other smurfs like in the cartoon episode where Smurfette ran away because her mouse died. Tracker located her by sniffing out her scent and hearing her voice.




Excellent Sense of Smell

Excellent Hearing


Voice [Cartoon]- Henry Polic II

Favorite Food- It seems that his favorite food is truffles

French Name- Schtroumpf Traqueur


Tracker is the village Scout and can track down anything- Human\Animal\Smurf


Smurfette-Adopted Sister

Sassette-Adopted Younger Sister

Baby-Adopted Younger Brother

97 Male Smurfs-Brothers

3 Smurflings-Younger Brothers

Nat Smurfling-Close Friend

Papa Smurf- Father