"Hurry! They're catching up!"

"This is the smurfest my feet could smurf me!" He said as he panted and stopped to catch his breath.

"Why are we even running?" he added, "This our chance to escape!" he shouted. "Now come on! They're right behind us!"

"There they are! After them!" the two smurfs looked back, "I can't smurf any longer, Axsaber you have to teleport! Now!" Axsaber looked at him, "But what about you?"

"I'll distract them! Teleport! NOW!" then the smurf shot a dagger while Axsaber teleported into the darkness.


"Such a fine day, right Poet?" Handy asked as he walked through the forest. "I think so, well for you that is." Poet said. "What's wrong?" Handy asked as he kicked a rock, "Well, I caught the writer's block, I need live action!"

Hefty caught up and said, "Like what?" Poet looked up the sky and said, "I don't know, maybe I need inspiration." Handy and Hefty looked at each other.

Hefty said, "Haven't you got enough inspiration? Birds, Trees, Animals?" Poet shook his head and said, "Marco is quite lucky to smurf into a real adventure."

Handy looked at Poet and said, "Well, I'm thirsty, let's smurf back to the village and smurf a drink!"

Hefty agreed and they followed Handy.

"What was that?" Poet looked at a moving bush. Handy and Hefty was ahead of him. Poet moved closer to the bridge and was surprised at what he found.

"Golly!" Poet ducked his head as an arrow made of red light shot pass him and hit a tree. Poet looked back and saw the arrow fade away.

Axsaber WarriorSmurf

Poet looked at the bush and heard a voice.

"Don't smurf any closer!" the smurf in the bushes said.

"Um, who's there? Smurf youself."

Poet came a little closer and a dagger pinned his hat on a tree, "Hey!" Poet shouted.

The smurf jumped out the bush and pointed a sword made of red light on Poet's chin. "Who the smurf are you?" he asked, Poet took his hat and said, "I'm Poet," then he saw Hefty and Handy running toward him.

"And that's Hefty and Handy," Poet pointed to Hefty and Handy while they both looked at the smurf.

The smurf made his sword fade away and said, "For a moment there I thought you were smurfs of the Dark Warrior..." Then he looked away and started to walk away.

He paused and looked at Poet again and asked, "My friends, manage to smurf a place to smurf the night?"  Hefty whispered to Handy, "I don't trust this smurf." Handy replied, "You don't trust anyone..." Then he sighed.

Poet said, "Sure, if you don't mind, we could smurf you there." The smurf nodded and said, "The name's Axsaber, I apologize for the dagger and arrow."

Poet said, "That's fine, this way now." He led the way and Hefty and Handy followed them.


Back at the village, The smurfs looked at Axsaber with puzzled looks as Papa Smurf asked, "What's this Poet Smurf?"

Poet said, "This is Axsaber Papa Smurf, he wants a place to smurf the night." Architect said, "Well I could smurf him one!" He smiled while Handy said, "Make it simple Architect..." Hefty added, "But not too simple!"

Architect said, "Oh smurf up!" then he walked away to his drawing board.

Brainy and Axsaber

Axsaber was walking around the village while Handy worked on his temporary house.

He came across the Smurfberry Field and felt hungry, "Well I could smurf just one..." He said and went over to grab a Smurfberry.

He was about to pick a smurfberry when someone slapped his hand.

"Ow!" he said as Brainy jumped out the bush.

"Papa Smurf said it's bad to steal!" Brainy said. Axsaber replied, "I'm not stealing! What's wrong? A hungry smurf can't smurf a berry?"

Brainy said, "I'm not smurfing for that trick..." before he could continue Axsaber grabbed him and threw him away. "I'm telling Papa Smurf!" he shouted.

Axsaber walked away and ignored him.

Handy ran toward Axsaber and said, "Well, your home is done..." Axsaber nodded and said, "I hope I'm not a burden, It's just for a night." Handy said, "We don't mind somesmurf staying for even days."

Axsaber smiled and walked toward his house.


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