The next day...

Greedy rang the breakfast bell, "Breakfast! Come and smurf it!"

All the smurfs ran in the dining hall. After breakfast,

"Poet, where's your friend, Axsaber?" Asked Papa Smurf. "I don't know Papa Smurf, I'll find him." Poet replied and he walked away.

"Oh Smurf!" Poet heard a voice in a distance as he walked toward the voice.

Axsaber's Attack Mode

"Axsaber what are you doing?" Poet asked as Axsaber shot another arrow. Axsaber looked at Poet.

"I'm practicing, I always do this everyday I smurf up in the morning." Axsaber said and another red light made arrow appeared on his hand as he aimed.

"I see, what kind of smurf are you if you don't mind me asking..." Poet asked as he remembered the Dragon Smurfs Marco once encountered.

Axsaber shot the arrow and got a bullseye.

Axsaber looked at Poet, Poet thought he shocked Axsaber with his question. Axsaber made another arrow appear and said, "I'm aa Warrior Smurf my dear Poet..." he said while aiming.

Poet said, "Warrior Smurf? You mean your a Warrior?" Axsaber nodded and shot another arrow.

Poet asked, "So how do you smurf a bow, dagger, and sword with red light?" Axsaber answered, "Your not a Warrior Smurf when you can't do this." He added, "... It's our ability, we don't carry solid weapons, inside, we smurf our own using light."

Poet's curiosity increased and he asked, "So how come it's red?" Axsaber missed his shot and said, "Red, it's my inner color."

Poet said, "So is it like your favorite color is red?" Axsaber shook his head and said, "Let's just say it smurfs my personality."

Poet nodded and watched as Axsaber shoot more arrows.


Axsaber stopped and said, "That's enough for today I guess..." Axsaber made his Bow fade and walked toward Poet.

Poet sat up and was about to lead the way home when  rustling sound came from the bushes. Axsaber stopped and looked around. Poet froze in fear. "What was that?" He asked. Axsaber made his Bow appear.

A green dagger shot through the bushes and almost hit Axsaber. A smurf jumped out the bush and attacked Axsaber.

Axsaber dodged and shot an arrow at the smurf but the smurf dodged.

Treant's Attack Mode

"Well my fellow Axsaber, your strength hasn't changed since..." The smurf said.

"Treant!" Axsaber shouted as Treant made a Bow made of green light and shot an arrow at Axsaber.

"Poet hide!" Axsaber shouted and Poet ran behind a tree and watched. Treant hit Axsaber behind with his bow and shot an arrow at him.

Axsaber's leather cuff got caught by the arrow but he managed to pull the arrow and it faded.

Axsaber threw a dagger and Treant dodged and kicked him on the stomach. "Give up yet eh Axsaber? Admit I'm stronger?" Treant teased as Axsaber got back on his feet.

Axsaber pushed him and kicked him but Treant got up and kicked him back. "I see, hand to hand fight." Treant said as he made his arrow fade.

Axsaber got up and punched Treant hard. Treant fell to the ground and said, "I see you haven't forgotten what your mentor taught you." Then he threw himself on Axsaber.

Axsaber struggled free and kicked Treant's leg and hit him on the face. Treant fell on the ground and pulled Axsaber's foot.

Axsaber fell and Treant kicked him down the hill. Axsaber threw himself at Treant and held him tight. He got him to the ground and sat on him.

"I can't breath! Get off me you saber tooth freak!" Axsaber shook his head as Poet walked up to him. Treant coughed and said, "I get it, I get! Your stronger than me I get it! Now get off! I can't breath!"

Axsaber laughed and stood up as treant caught his breath, he said, "You could've killed me Treant!" Treant stood up and said, "I meant to do that you know... I know you'd be able to dodge my dagger so I was confident to throw it."

Axsaber rolled his eyes and looked at Poet. Poet asked, "I don't get it, you two are friends? And he's a Warrior too?" Treant shook the dust off his pants and looked at Axsaber.

Axsaber said, "Yes, his name is Treant." Treant looked at Poet and said, "Nice to smurf you." Then he summoned his Bow and said, "Your lucky you didn't damage my bow."

Axsaber said, "Me? You hit me!" Then he said, "Poet, Treant will stay with us." Treant nodded and they followed Poet.


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