"Now who is..." Papa Smurf paused as Poet interupted and said, "This is Treant Papa Smuf, he is Axsaber's friend." Papa Smurf answered "Very well..."

The next day, Papa Smurf walked toward Poet and asked, "Now where is..." Poet knew what Papa Smurf was going to ask and answered, "Papa, they're practicing... They do it everyday..." Papa Smurf answered, "Very well then Poet..."

Hefty walked up to Poet as Papa Smurf walked away and he said, "Now do you really trust those Warriors?" Poet nodded and Hefty continued, "Doesn't it smurf you that they may be planning to smurf over our village?"

Poet looked at Hefty and said, "And how?" Hefty replied, "By presmurfing they have nowhere to smurf and they'll smurf one by one his fellows..." Hefty added, "... Soon we're out numbered and they're smurfing over our village!"

Poet felt anger build up and he said, "Now you should learn to trust somesmurf for once Hefty Smurf!" Hefty said nothing and Poet added, "If somesmurf was more annoying that Brainy it would be you!" Then he walked away.

Hefty headed toward the forest and thought, Let's see if that Axsaber is a weakling...


Axsaber and Treant was walking and Treant tripped on a rock.

"Haha! What's wrong? Got two left feet?" Axsaber teased, Treant got up and said, "No, I need to wash my face, mind if I smurf to that pond for a while?"

Axsaber nodded and Treant made his way to a nearby pond. Hefty approached Axsaber and said, "Now who do you smurf for?" He asked with a angry tone.

Axsaber looked back and said, "I smurf for no one, I smurf for my own homeland." Hefty didn't accept the answer and said, "you smurf for that evil wizard Gargamel!"

Axsaber said, "Now who are you to smurf me that?!" Hefty didn't say anything but blew a raspberry at him. Axsaber felt mad and he punched Hefty

Hefty didn't expect that and he kicked Axsaber's leg and he fell to the ground. Axsaber got up and said, "You haven't smurfed your strength to me yet! Come at me smurf! Come at me!"

Hefty and Axsaber Fighting

Hefty got mad and punched him and kicked him. Axsaber dodged his punch but got hit by his kick.

Axsaber punched Hefty and kicked his stomach and threw him on the floor.

Hefty got back up and punched Axsaber's stomach hard. Axsaber fell to the ground as Hefty kicked him down the hill.

Axsaber felt dizzy and even thought his vision was blurry, he spotted Hefty and kicked his leg.

Hefty fell to the ground as Axsaber's vision cleared up and he stood up and said, "Take this!" He kicked Hefty's stomach but Hefty pulled Axsaber's leg and Axsaber fell down and hit his head on a rock.

Axsaber got even dizzier and was unconcious. Hefty stood up and walked away.

Axsaber Unconcious

Treant ran back to where he left Axsaber and said, "Alright this strange thing happened I..." he looked around and saw Axsaber was gone.

"Saber?" he called out. He walked down the hill and shout out, "Axsaber!" he ran down and held his friend.

"Who smurfed this to you?!" he said. "They'd better have a doctor here!" Then he got Axsaber on his back and made their way to the village.

"Poet! Poet!" Treant called as they arrived. Poet ran toward them and asked, "What the smurf happened here?" Treant said, "No time to explain!"

Poet nodded and called out, "Medic Smurfs! Medic!"

Treant followed them and worried.

Handy ran beside Hefty and said, "I wonder what happened?" Hefty looked away and Handy stared at him with a suspicious glare.


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